Our co-founders Stefan Humphries and Neeraj Dalmia

We met whilst studying for our MBAs at London Business School. But our inspiration and desire to set up Reddendi came from a trip to India together. India is a vibrant country of extremes where prosperity and abject poverty live side by side. Seeing successful business people adorned in luxury brands whilst in the same breath seeing children living in the street made us really consider the traditional approach of high fashion. We wanted to do something different. We set out to create a brand that would not only make you look and feel good but would positively impact another person’s life at the same time. 

Stefan returned to India after few months and sat in on classes for local underprivileged children provided by a local charity. Amazingly around half of India's 210 million children cannot read or write. Overwhelmed and humbled by the children’s passion and desire to learn, Reddendi was born.

Upon returning to England the Reddendi team designed and manufactured the first range of India ties. For every tie purchased enough profit was donated to help teach a child in India to read and write for a whole year.

We are delighted to have expanded into pocket squares and cufflinks and even more thrilled to also be helping educate children in Africa, Peru and Syria through our new ranges.

 Stefan enjoying a class run by Pratham in Pune, India