Middle East

The House of Daraa, Syria

Lamis is 4 years old. She loves attending the school where she has made a lot of new friends. Her father was arrested and she lives with her mum and two younger siblings. When she grows up she wants to be an engineer to fix all the buildings that have been destroyed by the war.

Ali is 8 years old. He fled to Ghouta with his mother and three older siblings when his father died. He loves coming to school and playing with his friends. He enjoys studying English and has already learnt the alphabet and numbers. When he grows up he wants to be a teacher to teach the children at The House of Daraa

Mohammed is 4 years old. his father has been arrested and he lives with his grandparents and his mother. His best friends at school are Laith, Omar Unis and Ali, together they play fun games with the toys at school. His favourite thing at school is food!!! He loves chicken with rice and yogurt. He also wants to be a teacher so he can become friends with all the children that go to school

Every product purchased from the Reddendi Middle East range will help to teach English to a child at the House of Daraa 


We have partnered with Syria Relief a charity set up in Manchester, UK at the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011. 

Syria Relief's overall objective is to provide support and care to those 7.6 million internally displaced by the conflict, thus helping to reduce the mass migration from Syria. 

We have tied up with Syria Relief's House of Daraa. The House of Daraa is a school opened in August 2016 specifically to serve orphans in Southern Syria. The school caters for children aged between 4-9 and who have lost at least one of their parents.

Find out more about Syria Relief and the amazing House of Daraa.